How Much Money Does Yutaka Takenouchi Make? Latest Income Salary

Yutaka Takenouchi Takenouchi Yutaka, born January 2, 1971) is a Japanese actor. His on-screen acting debut was in the drama  (Boku no SyÅ«shoku) in 1994, after winning a modeling contest. 
He regularly appears in commercials.

How Much Money Does Atsushi (Musician) Make? Latest Income Salary

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Atsushi Satō (Japanese: 佐藤 篤志 Hepburn: Satō Atsushi, born April 30, 1980), known as Atsushi or Exile Atsushi (stylized as ATSUSHI and EXILE ATSUSHI) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and part-time producer. Debuting as a member of the band EXILE in 2001, Atsushi is currently one of the main vocalists for the group. In 2004, Atsushi began working as a producer for the group Deep (then known as Color), and in 2011 released his debut solo single "Itsuka Kitto...". In 2016, he announced his temporary hiatus from EXILE and formed a new band named Red Diamond Dogs. Atsushi returned to EXILE in 2018.

How Much Money Does Atsushi Sato Make? Latest Income Salary

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Atsushi Sato (佐藤敦之, born 8 May 1978) is a Japanese long-distance runner who competes in marathon races. He is the Asian record holder in the half marathon with his time of 60:25 minutes. His marathon best of 2:07:13 hours is the fourth fastest by a Japanese athlete. He is married to Miho Sato (née Sugimori), who was a 2004 Japanese Olympian.
At major championships, he has twice finished in the top ten in the marathon at the World Championships in Athletics, including sixth at the 2009 World Championships marathon. He has also had two top ten finishes at the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships. He represented Japan at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but was last in the marathon.

How Much Money Does Shunsuke Kiyokiba Make? Latest Income Salary

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Shunsuke Kiyokiba  Kiyokiba Shunsuke) (born January 11, 1980 in Ube, Yamaguchi) is a Japanese pop singer who debuted in 2001 with the then six-member vocal and dance group, EXILE, as their vocalist under the name, SHUN. In 2004, he participated in the tribute album for Yutaka Ozaki (尾崎豊) under his full name Shunsuke Kiyokiba as a solo artist.
His latest work is his 12th single "Mahou No Kotoba" releasing September 29, 2010, 13th single "Yale" releasing October 27, 2010, and his 6th album "ROCK & SOUL" releasing on November 24, 2010, and he will start his 6th nationwide tour ROCK & SOUL in Japan on December 18, 2010.

How Much Money Does Eikichi Yazawa Make? Latest Income Salary

Eikichi Yazawa , Yazawa Eikichi, born September 14, 1949 in Hiroshima) is a 
Japanese singer-songwriter, and important figure in Japanese popular music.
Yoko Yazawa of The Generous is his daughter.